Joomla and Wordpress Content Management Systems

You use a content management system to create a website which can be easily managed via a web browser, creating and updating articles & blogs.

Two of the most popular CMS are Joomla and Wordpress which provide the user with a friendly interface and requires almost no technical skill or knowledge of website management but training can be given and a PDF guide personally written to explain how to use your site can be supplied on request.

The advantages of using a CMS are that you can update blogs & news on a daily basis and basically add, amend and update the text, images, music, documents and video on your site.

Each CMS provides the following:

  • User admin interface compatible with the major browsers
  • FREE software updates (excluding commercial plugins)
  • WYSIWYG text editor where you can edit the font size, colour and weight
  • User friendly table creation to create custom layouts
  • Ability to upload various file formats which can be downloaded by your clients ie: pdf, doc, excel
  • User Login facility where you can make separate parts of your site viewable to a certain audience
  • A range of add-on modules such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Newsletter subscription plugin via the MailChimp module
  • Insert PayPal buttons enabling you to sell online
  • Install a shop plugin to have a fully integrated online store within your CMS
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